Let’sGoCT! A Bold Vision for our State and its Transportation System


Thomas Maziarz is Bureau Chief of Policy and Planning at Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT).  

In 2013, CTDOT initiated TransformCT, a two-year statewide strategic planning process that engaged thousands of stakeholders and partners through large and small events, work sessions, surveys, webinars and online interactions.  Several common themes and shared values emerged from this outreach to help shape a transportation vision that is the foundation for the Governor’s proposal known as Let’sGoCT!.  Here are some of the common themes we heard:  

  • Good transportation is essential to grow our economy, attract businesses and support vibrant urban centers; 
  • Existing highway and transit infrastructure should be safe and in good condition;
  • Congestion on our highways needs to be reduced;
  • Our communities should be livable and sustainable, easy to walk, ride bikes and use transit;
  • Transit service needs to be more convenient and better coordinated for travel within and between cities; and
  • Additional, affordable travel choices are needed to meet the needs of our aging population and attract a young, high-quality workforce.            

It is clear that achieving these goals will require large investments over many years. It is equally clear that the cost of doing nothing is unacceptable.  Although CTDOT made great progress in recent years to deliver reliable transportation services, insufficient funding, deferred maintenance, and a backlog of capital investments have placed our infrastructure, economy, and quality of life at risk. 

Based on the findings from TransformCT, Governor Malloy announced Let’sGoCT!.  His call to action proposes investing $100 billion into the transportation system over next 30 years, and it starts with a $10 billion ramp-up of projects over next 5 years.  This ramp-up adds $2.8 billion (approved by legislature last month) to the existing capital program.  It is the first step in a transformative strategy that enables CTDOT to build the foundation for a sustainable, multi-modal, interconnected, best-in-class transportation system.

To read more, please visit www.letsgoct.com.

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